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Incident Response

& Digital Forensics

When the inevitable cyber incident occurs, CorePro Security will help your organization quickly establish visibility of attacker activity and its impact, secure evidence, and provide litigation support so you can get back to business faster.


We work with our retainer clients to create a proactive incident response plan.


We monitor anticipated vulnerabilities to pinpoint incoming breaches.


We defeat threats in record time before they can do harm.

Incident Response Preparation and Prevention

Enhance your organization’s ability to respond to cyberattacks with a wide range of assessments, tabletop exercises, and intelligence.

Data Collection and Preservation

We identify, isolate and preserve electronic data using forensically sound methodologies and best practices.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Detect and respond swiftly to credible threats by leveraging a powerful combination of technology and people.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis

Whether your data was intentionally deleted or accidentally manipulated, CorePro Security’s certified forensics experts are able to analyze the clues left behind to quickly and uncover critical information.

Malware and Advanced Persistent Threat Analysis

We analyze malware to determine how it works and identify the scope of impact to your systems.

PHI and PII Identification

When PII or PHI are involved, we can help you avoid costly over-notification while still delivering targeted messages and remediation services to those affected.

Data Breach Notification and Remediation Services

Protect your brand and reestablish trust with the individuals impacted by a data loss event.

DarkWeb Search and Monitoring

We continuously monitor the deep and dark web to help clients ascertain and respond to data exposure.

Can Cost Millions

Technology alone cannot mitigate all the risk; one click can bypass millions spent in hardware and cyber threats continue to grow daily. The solution is to partner with Trustwave to mitigate the human risk factor by setting up a security awareness education program for all employees in your organization.
Providing security awareness education to an organization is key to mitigating this factor by creating a vigilant culture where every employee is empowered to prevent, detect, and respond to security threats and attacks.
Trustwave offers Security Awareness Education (SAE) with the ability to add a phishing simulation plugin.

Your security is only as strong as your weakest link. 

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